About Us


The solution to modern health problems lies in our ancient knowledge of yoga. It is a great tool to ensure mental balance & physical wellbeing thus ensuring harmony of mind & body which is prerequisite to good health (homeostasis).
Prajna yoga is a national online platform which provides a comprehensive yoga package & professional yoga learning experience by well qualified teachers near your locality.

Our aim is to teach Quality Yoga to each & every individual.

Currently, people who want to learn yoga are unsure where to learn quality yoga from and do so at the lowest price. There are too many teachers and it gets quite difficult for and individual with minimal or no knowledge of Yoga to identify the best quality of Yoga training imparted. It becomes a herculean task to search & select a Yoga teacher and negotiate fees. And yet, after all that, one remains unsure of the quality of the teacher.

Understanding this problem, Prajna yoga has created a platform, where one may find the best of Yoga teachers & Group classes imparting quality Yoga training at the most affordable rates.

  • All teachers registered with us are well qualified, well experienced & certified from reputed institutes of India, having undergone at least a minimum of 100 hrs. of teachers training in their course.
  • Profiles of all teachers have been uploaded on our website after conducting interviews.

To match our customers need we have different categories in personal training also special packages for Family, Society & Group classes.