Challenges Facing Yoga in Present Day

A lot of people who go to yoga classes are not really interested in yoga. At least, not in the sense of being seriously committed and willing to take on a radical inquiry into the nature of being, and having the courage to manifest what is discovered in attitudes and actions. Most folks just want […]

The Language of the Gods

At All Life is Yoga we teach yoga in its traditional and original language, Sanskrit. Sanskrit was never commonly spoken; instead it was used to orally convey thousands of pages of verse from scriptures. It was, and is, the holy language of the scriptures – the oldest known sacred writings in human history. Yoga was […]

2 approaches to Awaken and Strengthen the Core

Visualize an apple core – a core that runs from the top of the apple to the bottom. The Apple core Theory of the human body is from crown to tail – the 31-33 bones of the spine (the vertebral column). To keep the spine healthy both on and off your yoga mat, it’s important […]

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga may be intended as a way to calm the mind, but it also is a great way to get in shape and drop some weight. Here are a few postures that can help lower your anxiety and the number on the scale. Hold each posture as long as you can, that may be 15-20 […]

Yoga Exercises and Four Main Bandhas

You know those little combinations locks you get when travelling? You pop them on your bags, through the loops of your zips, to keep the contents in and safe and secure? Well, your body has similar locks, called bandhas. ‘Bandha’ literally means lock, to tighten, to close-off and block. There are four main bandhas in […]

Balancing Exercises to Keep On Your Feet

What is Balance and why is it Important? Put simply, balance is our ability to recognize our position relative to the objects around us, including the surface on which we’re standing or walking. A good sense of balance allows us to perform our daily tasks with a sense of stability and ease. For example, walking […]

Dealing with Chronic Pain? Ayurveda Could Help

Ayurveda and its principles extend beyond consuming imported herbs in your salads and brewing teas. It asks you to look into your life, your mind, your surroundings and finally your diet in order to understand your suffering. Ayurveda welcomes and accepts pain, even while trying to relieve it, for Nature intends pain to be a […]

Vedanta, Yoga and Hinduism: Understanding the Differences

What are the Vedas, the Upanishads and Vedanta? The Vedas are the most ancient collection of spiritual teachings in India. No scholar has been able to ascribe a definite date to them, but most modern scholars today believe that they were composed in around 1500-1200 BCE. “Veda” means knowledge and the four books of the […]

Yoga Poses to Avoid During Menstruation

In India, the tradition of women not practicing yoga during their menstrual cycles has a two-fold reason. Firstly, women did a lot of housework back in the day. This meant sweeping and mopping the floors, washing the families clothes by hand, doing dishes by hand, cooking family meals, running errands, raising the children, and so […]

Replacing Negative Thoughts with Positive thoughts

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, focus on the positive, and not only will you not suffer you also won’t feel inadequate. Forget that the feelings of not enoughness are not just a mindset issue. Forget that replacing one thought with another doesn’t always do much if the issue is stemming from the unconscious. Forget […]