Balancing Exercises to Keep On Your Feet

What is Balance and why is it Important? Put simply, balance is our ability to recognize our position relative to the objects around us, including the surface on which we’re standing or walking. A good sense of balance allows us to perform our daily tasks with a sense of stability and ease. For example, walking […]

Dealing with Chronic Pain? Ayurveda Could Help

Ayurveda and its principles extend beyond consuming imported herbs in your salads and brewing teas. It asks you to look into your life, your mind, your surroundings and finally your diet in order to understand your suffering. Ayurveda welcomes and accepts pain, even while trying to relieve it, for Nature intends pain to be a […]

Vedanta, Yoga and Hinduism: Understanding the Differences

What are the Vedas, the Upanishads and Vedanta? The Vedas are the most ancient collection of spiritual teachings in India. No scholar has been able to ascribe a definite date to them, but most modern scholars today believe that they were composed in around 1500-1200 BCE. “Veda” means knowledge and the four books of the […]

Yoga Poses to Avoid During Menstruation

In India, the tradition of women not practicing yoga during their menstrual cycles has a two-fold reason. Firstly, women did a lot of housework back in the day. This meant sweeping and mopping the floors, washing the families clothes by hand, doing dishes by hand, cooking family meals, running errands, raising the children, and so […]

Replacing Negative Thoughts with Positive thoughts

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, focus on the positive, and not only will you not suffer you also won’t feel inadequate. Forget that the feelings of not enoughness are not just a mindset issue. Forget that replacing one thought with another doesn’t always do much if the issue is stemming from the unconscious. Forget […]

Yoga Exercises where Poses Do You

My teacher has been talking about a different way of conceptualizing “doing a yoga pose.” More specifically, he encourages us to “let the pose do you” instead of the other way around. The first few times he said this, I didn’t think much of it. But the other day, something about this shift in approach […]

Try These Cleansing Yoga Exercise at the start of your Day

As the fast pace of modern life continues to accelerate, many people in the Western world have turned to yoga for their much-needed self-care. But the typical yoga practice in the West is often distilled down to only asana, the posture-focused yoga that you see in most classes. While asana practice is an essential part […]

How Yoga helps deal with Addiction and Helps in Recovery

“One of the first exercises I did during my first 200-hour yoga teacher training was to look for the beauty in the movement or yoga practice of another student. That exercise really stuck with me because I had to learn to look, really look, at another human being to identify not what their pose or […]

Yoga Every Athlete Should Practice: Yin Yoga

Sore muscles, injuries, over-extension of the body, if you’re an athlete then you’re no stranger to these. From running track to weight lifting, chances are you’ve experienced some type of injury or strain throughout your life. Injuries may be inevitable at one point or another, but what if I told you there is a practice […]

Cultivating Courage through More Yoga

You came into this world with nothing and you trusted that you’d be taken care of, that you’d survive and be nurtured by those who brought you here. Maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way but you didn’t know how it would turn out, you just came sliding down that birth canal into the unknown. […]