The competitive business environment requires professional to be in perfect shape be it mentally or physically to perform their role. However because of travel time & hectic schedule, an individual is not able to put any efforts for its personal well-being.

We at Prajna yoga have designed various module leading from half an hour to a 1 hour session to help the employees to learn the knowledge of yoga & apply it successfully in his or her day to day life. Training faculty include team of senior teachers who brings with them vast experience of training.



This programme can be undergone either at company premise or people can  opt for personal training or join our regular yoga classes at our various centers. Various corporate workshops are as given below. 

1) Yoga for senior management
2) Yoga for stress
3) Yoga for creative thinking
4) Chair yoga
5) 15 minutes rejuvenation programme
6) Yoga for employees working in shift.
7) Yoga for sales team
8) Yoga for back office operations team
9) Yoga for increasing concentration
10) Yoga for women’s health.